When will I be paid out?

As soon as you reached 3€ in your balance you will be paid out beginning of the following month. Please put in your PayPal- or bank account details on settings page within the MyLockscreen app.

How much money can I earn with MyLockscreen?

Your earnings depend on your user level and how many times you unlock ads on MyLockscreen.
Level 1 --> 1.80€ per month
Level 2 --> 3.60€ per month
Level 3 --> 5.40€ per month
Level 4 --> 7.20€ per month
and so on.

How much can I earn per ad?

Your earnings (incl. VAT) for every new ad depend on your actual user level. You start with level 1, but can level up at anytime.
Level 1 --> 0.1cent/ad
Level 2 --> 0.2cent/ad
Level 3 --> 0.3cent/ad
Level 4 --> 0.4cent/ad
and so on.

Every time you glance on a new ad you will be paid. Doesn't matter if you click on the ad or swipe it away.

How much credits do I have to collect to raise my level?

0000 credits --> level 1
1000 credits --> level 2
2000 credits --> level 3
3000 credits --> level 4
and so on.

Your actual credits balance is displayed at your account page within the app. Credits are valid for 90 days and will expire after this period.

What can I do if I miss credits on my balance?

If you are sure that you completed the task (install an app or complete a task within a downloaded app) and at least 10 minutes passed, then please contact the provider (fyber, tapjoy) and request your credits.

contact fyber:
Open MyLockscreen app --> click "earn more" --> go to fyber button "earn more" --> within fyber menu: click on "?" (on the top bar) --> click on button "report issue" for the special app you are missing the credits.

contact tapjoy:
Open MyLockscreen app --> click "earn more" --> go to tapjoy button "earn more" --> within tapjoy menu: click on "missing credits?" (on the bottom bar) --> report the app you are missing credits.

How many ads will be displayed per day?

We will show you a maximum of 60 ads per day. If you reach the limit you will be displayed beautiful background images that will not be paid. On the next day we show you another 60 ads that will be paid.

Can I switch off MyLockscreen temporarily?

Yes. Please go to settings within MyLockscreen app, scroll down and tap on button "sign out".